a comprehensive gameplan for pokies

Pokies – Stick to Your Plan

In this article we give away many tips on how best to play on a pokie machine. To get straight to the point, a pokie machine is simply unbeatable! However, we can give you handles on how to spend your money for longer. If you like casinos and you like to take a gamble then the best advice is not to play the pokies but the table games such as Blackjack or Punto Banco.

Gambling as a Pastime

Slot machines offer a bit of entertainment. A physical pokie machine in Australia has a Return to Player (RTP) between 60% and 92%. A pokie machine in a typical vending hall gives about 85% back to the player. This means that if you throw $100 into a pokie machine and do 100 prints of 1 dollar you will be left with about $85. Of course this works very differently in practice, otherwise there is no fun in playing a pokie machine. But if you look at this over millions of spins this will be the result.

The average hourly loss in a pokie hall is $35 per hour and this is also laid down by law ($40).

Lately we have come across a lot of pokie machines from Merkur, the Games Unlimited pokie machines. You can play these pokies from as little as $0.05 with a maximum of $4 per spin. Especially many older people play these friendly pokies with low stakes. These pokies are also known as ‘time-eaters’ as after a day(s) of play you will almost always be at a loss. You’ll get entertainment in return and that’s why these pokies are so popular for players with a modest bankroll.

Pokies Beating Or Table Games

Nowadays, the casinos make the most profit on the pokie machines, which can be found everywhere. Pokies have never been more popular and this has everything to do with the cool video pokie machines, and that some pokies have large (progressive) jackpots.

The idea for many players to hit such a jackpot with a relatively low throw-in encourages them to play here rather than at the gaming tables. If you bet a tenner on blackjack you can make a maximum of 25€. But with a 5€ wager on a Mega Millions pokie machine you can win millions! Of course, that’s the way to beat a pokie machine!

The payouts of a pokie machine are in almost all cases many times lower than the table games. In addition, playing on a pokie machine is many times faster than playing at the table and the loss of hours is much greater on the pokie machines.

If you want to spend longer with your money in a casino then I advise you to ignore the pokies. But I know better than anyone that pokies games can be so much fun so I will be zooming in on this. And surprise you with information that most of you don’t know yet or are myths.

Pokie Saving Tips And How to Beat Them

The lower a pokie machine’s throw-in, the lower the total payout percentage, but the total hourly loss on a pokie machine is, of course, lower with a lower throw-in. If you want to spend longer with your money, playing on a lower payout pokie machine is still more advantageous.

This has everything to do with the fact that one can give a higher payout percentage on pokies with a higher throw-in. This is because in the end it is all about the total return of a pokie machine for a casino.

If you can choose between a mechanical pokie machine with reels or a video pokie machine with bonus games. Then it is better to play the mechanical pokie machine. This has to do with the fact that during the bonus games round the casino does not earn anything from you at that time and this has to be recouped through a lower payout percentage.

Additional Tips to Play Pokies

That most people like me enjoy interacting with bonus games. You will hardly see me playing at the mechanical pokie machines.

Playing on a pokie machine with a lower jackpot is cheaper than playing on a pokie machine with a higher jackpot. This is because you have a better chance of winning a smaller jackpot than a very large one. These are therefore pokies with a fixed pre-determined jackpot. So beating a pokie machine is a lot harder than you think.

Always play with a player’s card (loyalty program) that you can apply for at a casino. You always create an extra value and/or get extra discounts on e.g. the restaurant and ‘cash back’.

One of the big unstoppable myths is that many players think that you win less because of this, but this has not been proven in many studies.

The more beautiful the casino and the better the location of a casino, the worse the setting of the pokie machines. Another persistent misunderstanding is that some pokie machines pay out more in special places in the casino. This has never been established or proven. If you play very slowly, your hourly loss is less and is therefore a good tip.

It doesn’t Matter How you Play on a Pokie

The result of a pokie machine spin is, as I said, 100% random (every spin again. So it doesn’t matter if a jackpot hasn’t fallen in a long time. The odds are the same every time. So it doesn’t matter what has fallen for you on the machine! Beating a pokie machine this way is therefore not an option.

It doesn’t matter whether you pull the handle of a pokie machine or press the button. It doesn’t matter when you play a pokie machine! Whether it’s when the casino is busy or on a Monday morning, it doesn’t matter what you want to believe.

It’s not a mystery, it’s all just coincidence and there are no patterns to be discovered. But we always feel that way and this is exactly the power of pokies. That you have the idea that we can beat pokie machines.